How To Write A Screenplay – Screenplay Structure

How To Write A Screenplay

So, you’ve come up with a film concept and you’ve got a theme that gives that concept a deeper meaning. You’ve also developed the characters to carry the theme. Finally, you have laid out a basic plot. What’s next? …… Continue Reading


Screenwriting Software Reviews – Final Draft 10

Screenwriting Software Reviews

For my first review into screenwriting software, I’m going with Final Draft, the market leader. It’s been around since 1991 and remains the film industry’s default screenwriting program. According to the blurb, it’s “used by 95% of film and television… Continue Reading


How To Write A Screenplay – Theme, Character, Plot

How To Write A Screenplay

Once you have your concept, there are three core components to writing a screenplay: the theme, the characters, and the plot. Themes The theme is the deeper meaning of your script. That inner truth. For example, Skyfall is not just… Continue Reading


How To Write A Screenplay – Film Concepts

How To Write A Screenplay

Coming up with a film concept A film concept is the core idea of what your screenplay will be about. Finding the right concept is the most important aspect of writing a successful screenplay. I’ve seen terrible scripts get sold… Continue Reading


How To Write A Screenplay – Let’s Get Started

How To Write A Screenplay

My backstory Over the years, I’ve written fourteen professional-standard feature screenplays (and counting). By the way, that picture below? Those aren’t my scripts. But there’s a time when they could have been. Of course, these days, people rarely print stuff… Continue Reading